You’re trying to break into the fine art market, but don’t have the portfolio to attract the clients you’re looking for.

You’re a photographer who’s looking to move into elegant boudoir work and want to attract the right clientele.

You’ve been working in boudoir as a side hustle but want to make it your full time gig.

Your boudoir business is growing and you need help getting the back-end in order.


Photography can be a competitive business, especially in niche markets like boudoir. But at Boudoir Collective, we look at it a little differently. Here, we know that building a community of like-minded individuals will help us grow as professionals and as business owners. We know we can’t do it alone.

As photographers ourselves, we noticed a big gap in the boudoir industry. In short, there weren’t any workshops or masterminds that truly focused on our niche. Boudoir, done right, is a whole experience for women to feel beautiful and sexy just the way they are. It’s a way for women to celebrate their bodies, tastefully, and feel empowered by pushing their own boundaries.

But it takes the right touch to accomplish this—something that you want to have down pat before your clients walk in the door.

Traditional photography workshops focus on fashion shoots, families and business headshots—all of which are important in a growing photography business. But stylish boudoir requires a whole new set of skills: taking a fine art approach, tasteful image composition, styling for boudoir and another level of customer experience.

Because we couldn’t find the experience we were looking for, we decided to do something about it. That’s where La Femme was born!

The La Femme Intensive is unlike any other photography workshop or conference you’ve been to. Because it’s so much more.



Every workshop ticket includes hotel stay, food and beverage for the duration of your workshop experience, transportation between the hotel and the Barn, and full access to all events, sessions, and classes. Travel to and from Quinlan, Texas is not included.

Payment will be collected in two payments. A small down payment is required to reserve your seat at the workshop, with the remaining balance due on Friday, March 31st. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.



Ticket options:

Full workshop access with private room


You’ll have access to all workshop events, plus a private room with a king or queen sized bed.

Reserve today with a $400 down payment

Full workshop access with shared room


You’ll have access to all workshop events, and your own bed sharing a room with one other person.

Reserve today with a $400 down payment


Full workshop access with shared bed


Participate in the full workshop experience on a budget, you can opt to share a king or queen sized bed with another attendee.

Reserve today with a $400 down payment


Each ticket includes your hotel stay, food and beverages for the duration of the experience.

If you’re going to attend one conference or workshop this year for your photography business, let it be this one. With the intimate feel, you’ll walk away with a community of like-minded colleagues who you can turn to once you dive back into your business. You’ll also have ready-to-implement ideas and strategies that you’ve already tried out with our models, risk-free!


All photography by Kayla Barker