Kayla Barker - Marketing To Your Ideal Client

In a market saturated with options, learn how to build a brand and marketing strategy that will speak directly to your ideal client. Learn how to gain clients that will pay you what you are worth and become your biggest form of free advertising and promotion.

Kayla Barker, an award-winning and published wedding photographer, specializing in destination weddings and portrait sessions. She uses film photography as her medium to capture timeless moments. Her curated and artful approach to her boudoir photography allows her to create beautiful, light-filled images. Kayla is a member of The Knot Hall of Fame.

Thomas Lucas - Don't Provoke, Evoke

How to compose an image that evokes genuine emotion and sensuality with the help of light, shadows, and a dash of humor.

Thomas Lucas of Bamabear is a film photographer based in Montgomery, Alabama. His specialty is boudoir, where he works to evoke emotions of both the viewer and the subject. Thomas also works for Indie Film Lab as a film processor and has fallen in love with film as a way to capture candid moments and genuine emotion.

Miranda Meisenbach - The subtle art of story telling through styling

Learn to create a session that tells a story while keeping the focus on the woman being captured. Refine your skill of subtle inclusion and placement of details that only enhance the atmosphere, and take this education to apply in all aspects of your photography.

An award-winning wedding planner, Miranda Meisenbach expanded her business and design skills to include projects like styled shoots, theatrical sets and interiors—a perfect fit for photographers looking to improve their styling skills. 

Lauren Kurc - The Fine Art Approach

Explore the importance of process within the fine art approach - shooting with intent and purpose in order to create images that are authentic and feminine, focusing on a single source of inspiration to inject emotion into the story of your session.

Based in the Vancouver and Toronto areas, Lauren Kurc is a wedding, boudoir and editorial photographer with a love for natural light and capturing the pure essence of her subjects. Her work features a non-traditional and fine art approach to boudoir and has been published in a number of journals. 

Katherine Bignon - Lingerie Styling

Learn how to create a luxury experience by knowing how to style any shape and curve.

Katherine Bignon is a bridal and intimates designer, specializing in creating custom trousseaux pieces for the bride and colorful tulle skirts for her bridesmaids. She is passionate about creating heirloom pieces for her clients that turn into treasured, tangible memory of their love stories.


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