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April 25-28, 2017

Workshop experience begins at 6 PM on the 25th, and ends at 10 PM on the 27th. Accommodation extends to the morning of the 28th.




Meals & accommodations are included with each ticket. Each attendee will have the option of a private or shared room with ticket purchase.



Curated Sessions

Each day for the portfolio building sessions, attendees will split into three groups and rotate through each station guided by an industry leader. This will maximize individual interactions with the subject, set, and guide. You will have the opportunity to build your portfolio in both film and digital mediums and create images with your unique style.



Discussion Topics

  • Tasteful Image Composition
  • The Fine Art Approach
  • Getting Published
  • Styling Varying Body Types
  • Styling For Boudoir
  • A Curated Portfolio Review
  • Effective Marketing & Advertising
  • Client Experience
  • And Much More!

I’m too new in business. I won’t have enough experience to make the experience beneficial.

If you have experience with a camera, you’ll fit in just fine. This is the perfect place to ask questions and build a community of support around your boudoir business.

I found a course online that will help me craft the images I want.

While we appreciate the convenience of online courses (we take them too!), nothing compares to real, face-to-face support and practice. Not only that, but you build much deeper connections with people when you meet them in person. An online program doesn’t compare, by a long shot.

I haven’t shot boudoir yet.

Boudoir is a more personal, intimate style of photography that one can’t simply pick up one day. To get the look and feel that most women want, you need to have a good bedside manner and be able to put your clients at ease. And certain lighting and textures create a more stylish and professional setting that really shine through on the final images. If you haven’t shot boudoir yet, La Femme is a great place to learn.

I’m a brand new photographer. Will I benefit from this workshop?

La Femme is designed for intermediate photographers, who already know the basics of styled shoots. If you’ve been toying with photography as a business, but don’t have one set up yet, this is a great introduction to the back-end of business. But if you are a brand new photographer, this workshop might move a bit too fast for you.

I’m just getting started with boudoir. Will I have an opportunity to build my portfolio?

Yes! La Femme will offer multiple styled shoot opportunities with women of various sizes and skin tones—the perfect way to build your portfolio as you expand your business into this work of art.

How will the education pieces fit into the workshop? I’m not keen on sitting for hours on end.

Neither are we. We know that the best way to learn is by interacting with other attendees and our panel of experts. And because our workshop is designed to be intimate and interactive, you’ll have plenty of time to talk with the panel and test out new techniques.


Photography by Thomas Lucas